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Haridwar-Rishikesh Tours

01 Day : Delhi to Haridwar
Meet our assistant at haridwar railway station Or airport & transfer to your Hotel. Check In your hotel.Evening visit hari ki Pauri for ganga Arti. & back your hotel in the market. Overnight stay.

1:- Special Ganga Arti (Rs.3100/- Per Person) with Pandit ji big Fire candle at Har ki Pauri temple.
2:- Special ganga Puja with Milk, Flowers & fire candle (Rs.500/-per Person) At harki Pauri.

02 Day : Rsihsikesh Sight seen
Morning after breakfast leave for rishikesh & visit Famous temple at Himalaya neelkhant Mahadev Take lunch in Rishikesh & visit Laxman jhula & Ramjhula, sach akhileswar mahadev, 13 story temple & ashrams Like Gita bhawan , Shivanand ashram, Evening enjoy the Ganga arti at parmath niketan. Over night at Hotel.

03 Day : Haridwar Sight seen delhi
Morning After breakfast visit famous temple at on the top Mansa devi temple (By cable car Rs.55/- perperson), Pawan Dham (Glass Temple), Jain Temple (Yellow Marbles), Santikunj Ashram(A trustable Trust ) Hari har temple (Mercuric Shivling & Rudraksha Tree), Daksh Temple, sriyantra temple & back station Or airport Caught your Train or air bus for your next destination.



The sacred Himalayan town of Haridwar represents a living lesson on Hinduism. Located at the foot of the Shivalik Hills, the town attracts hordes of tourists and devotees from all corners of the world. Haridwar also holds significance because it stands as the gateway to the chardham, which includes Yamunotri, Gangotri, Badrinathji and Kedarnathji. Haridwar finds its mention in the ancient Hindu epics and scriptures as 'Mayapuri', Mokshadwar' and 'Gangadwar'. Geographically, it is at Haridwar where the sacred Ganga enters the northern Indian plains.

During the Kumbh Mela (held at the interval of every 12 years), the population of the town swells up to millions. The next Kumbh Mela and the Ardh Kumbh Mela (held at every 6 years) are scheduled to be held in Haridwar in 2022. Today, Haridwar is seen as a mystic centre for the rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul.

Har Ki Pauri
Also known as Har ki Pairi, it is the centre of attraction in the pilgrimage town of Haridwar. Devotees gather here to take a holy dip in the Ganges and to offer prayers. The celebration Ganga Aarti is a sight to behold here for tourists. The aarti ceremony takes place here every evening at 7 pm. As the river Ganga is worshipped, hundreds of diyas are set afloat along the river. According to Hindu mythology, Har ki Pairi is the place where a drop of the nectar fell from the moiling oceans, when the world came into existence.

Mansa Devi
One of the most visited temples in Haridwar, Mansa Devi Mandir occupies a place on top of the Shivalik hills. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mansa Devi, believed to fulfill the wishes of those who visit here. It is a tradition with the devotees to tie sacred threads around the tree that stands within the premises of the Mansa Devi temple. From the temple, one can have heart stirring views of the Haridwar town. Along with Chandi Devi temple and the Maya Devi temple, it completes the Siddhapeeth Triangle.

Daksha Mahadev Temple
The temple is situated towards the south of the Kankhal town. Built by Queen Dhankaur in AD 1810, the Daksha Mahadev Temple is the site where Daksha performed a yagna (a Hindu ritual to invoke gods and seek their blessings). In the Hindu mythology, Daksha Prajapati is the father of Sati, the spouse of Lord Shiva. The temple is just a few minutes drive from the railway station.

Bhimgoda Tank
The tank is held in high regard by the whole Hindu community. As per the Hindu mythology, the Bhimgoda Tank was created when Bhim, a legendary character of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, hit his knee against the ground while the Pandava brothers were heading towards the Himalayas. The tank occupies a position at a distance of 300 m from Har ki Pauri in Haridwar.


Whether you are wishing to chant your way to peace and solitude, or looking to align your chakras or visit the country's holiest shrines, all signpost point toward Uttranchal's picturesque small town Rishikesh. Situated at an altitude of around 1,360 ft, above sea level, Rishikesh represents the site where Lord Vishnu vanquished the demon Madhu.

Set on the banks of Holy Ganges river, Rishikesh is home to a number of temples and ashrams which attract large number of pilgrims every year. A Gateway to the Himalayas in the Tehri-Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, Rishikesh abounds in natural grandeur. The spectacle of the river Ganges gushing through the foothills of Himalayas, surrounded by scenic beauty of the hills from three sides and the verdant forest all-around, provide a wonderful sight to Rishikesh.

Known for its strong currents and fierce behaviour upstream, the Holy Ganges river becomes surprisingly slow and gracious at Rishikesh. Next, the Ganga leaves the mountains and joins the plains for her further journey. Every day the ghats of Ganges abound with sadhus as well as pilgrims and the 'Aarti' on the banks of the river is not to be missed event on your tour to Rishikesh. In the evening, the floating diyas (earthen lamps) provide a superb view to the ghats. Besides, the hymns and distance sound of bell chimes create a symphony of sorts during the Aarti.

Lakshman Jhula
Built in 1939, this suspended iron bridge (450 ft) is a major attraction for the tourists visiting Rishikesh. Legend goes that Ganges has descended to the earth at this place. It is believed that Lakshman, the younger brother of Lord Rama crossed the river Ganges using a hanging bridge made of jute. At Lakshman Jhula, you will see the Radha-Krishna Temple and at the entrance of the bridge, Lakshman Temple, the only one in India. On the opposite side of this temple, you can see a 11.3 metre high monolithic Shiva statue

Nilkanth Mahadev
One of the most important temples of Rishikesh, Nilkanth Mahadev is situated above Swaragashram, atop a 1,675 m high hill. You have to take a trek of around 12 kms through the tranquil forest to reach Nilkanth Mahadeo. Reach the temple and get a commanding panoramic views of the surroundings. Legends has it that in the ancient times when the ocean was being churned for 'Amrit' (Drink for immortality), first venom oozed out. Lord Shiva drank that venom at this particular place, which is now known as Nilkanth Mahadev.

Situated 2 kms south of Lakshman Jhula, Swargashram is an abode of hermits and saints. You can see a number of Hindu temples here. Apart from temples, Swargashram has several good eating joints and shops, where you can shop and satisfy your palates.


Haridwar Hotels

Haveli Hari Ganga 3*
Ramghat Haridwar(With Private Ganga Ghat)

About the Hotel
Haridwar or 'the Gateway to the Gods' is one of the seven holiest places according to Hindu mythology, as the Gods are believed to have left their footprints in Haridwar. Due to its geographical location too, Haridwar stands as the gateway to the other three important pilgrimages of Uttrakhand namely, Rishikesh, Badrinath and Kedarnath. Referred to as Mayapuri, Gangadwar, and Mokshadwar in the ancient scriptures and epics, Haridwar has always remained a major pilgrimage for the Hindus.

According to the mythology it is known as Kapilsthan. legend goes that the suryavnshi Prince Bhagirath performed penance here to salvage the souls of his ancestors who had perished due to the curse of the sage Kapila. The penance was answered and the river Ganga trickled forth from Lord Shiva's locks and its bountiful waters revived the sixty thousand sons of King Sagara. Mythologically, drops of nectar churned out from the primordial ocean fell at the four sites of the Kumbh mela including Haridwar.

The kumbha mela, happening once every 12 years and the Ardha Kumbha Mela (Coming once every six years) are big draws. One of the oldest living cities, Haridwar has been in people's mind from the period of Buddha to the British advent and now even is the 21st century. Besides being a religious place, it has served as the center for learning arts, science and culture.

Hotel Lacasa 2*
Gurdwara road Haridwar

About the Hotel
La Casa, which in Spanish means “The House” is converted from an erstwhile residential mansion of a large Indian joint family. It offers 22 uniquely-styled rooms, all furnished with exquisite interiors, most inviting luxury beds and state-of the art technology. Lounge sit-outs on each level have been designed to enhance your holiday experience – massaging machines, library of handpicked books, and soft piped music will unwind you completely.

La Casa, being in the center of the mystical city of Haridwar, means that you can walk out of the hotel at any time of the day (or night) and catch the serenity and uniqueness of the city without bothering about the transport or feeling insecure.

Srover portico 3*
Bhadrahbad haridwar(With Bar & swimming Pool)

About the Hotel
Ambrosia Sarovar Portico is one of the finest hotels located on the Haridwar – Roorkee highway. Located close to Baba Ramdev’s Ashram and Crystal Water Park, the hotel is an ideal venue for business travelers and tourists, conferences, meetings and weddings with interesting on-premise food and beverage outlets and other facilities to choose from. The hotel is just 14 kms from the Roorkee Railway Station, 90 minutes drive from Dehradun Railway Station. and about 60 minutes away from the Jolly Grant Airport. National highways and state highways connect major cities.

The hotel offers of 70 aesthetically furnished rooms and suites. Each room is well-appointed with modern facilities to suit all your needs like in-room tea/Coffee maker, mini bar, electronic safe, writing desk, direct dial telephone, wi-fi and round-the-clock room service making it ideal accommodation option for the business and leisure travelers. Banquets at Ambrosia sarovar portico can accommodate events and functions upto 800 Guests.

Aditya DLX 2*
Vishnu Ghat Haridwar (with Private Ganga Ghat)

About the Hotel
Hotel Aditya is situated on the bank of the Holy Ganga and is the Main Tourist Market. A spectural view of the ganga from rooms. The hotel has 40 well furnished air conditioned & air cooled rooms catering to the needs of people with different budgets. 

The location also makes every other corner of the city easily accessible. Warmth, Luxury, Modern amenities and personalized Service redefine the art of traditional hospitality with finesse and grace.

Rishikesh Hotels
The Great Ganga 3*
Rishikesh (With Ganga Facsing)

About the Hotel
Hotel The Great Ganga" is situated at one of the best areas in and around Rishikesh, at Muni-ki-Reti, the place where the holy Ganges meanders out of the hills and enter the plains.

The Hotel is designed in such a manner that one can enjoy the enchanting panoramic view of the Holy Ganges, surrounded by the lush Green serene hills from each room. It takes just 5 minutes casual walk to reach the banks of Holy Ganges from the Hotel.

S K Regency 2*
Near Tapovan Rishikesh

About the Hotel
Rishikesh represents the Gateway to the Himalayas in the Tehri-Garhwal region of uttarakhand. It abounds in natural splendor. The spectacle of the Ganga rushing through the Himalayan foothills is an awesome sight. Several temples dot the banks of the Ganga at Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is located at a height of about 1360 feet above sea level. It is believed that several yogis and sages lived and practiced penance here.

Laxman Jhula Dvine Resort 3*
Laxman Jhula Rishikesh

About the Hotel
Divine Resort is one of the most popular Economy Resort in Rishikesh. divine resort possesses all the qualities and equipments that are required to cater to the needs of a worldwide client base. Amongst all the Hotels in Rishikesh, the standards set by Laxman Jhula Divine Resorts can be compared to the standards set by any of the top Resort in Uttarakhand. Giving the view of screen, Turquoise Ganga.

An awesome beauty of breathtaking, sun washed river complements the resort to provide you a real freshness cool and fresh air originating from mesmerizing Ganga refreshing your body and soul. Ravishing view of sunsets and an enchanting sound of water of holy ganga , refreshes the surroundings with its melody. Providing an exciting while water river. Rafting and jungle safari for Adventure lovers. Enjoy the resistance charm of Yoga and Meditation. Stimulate your body and rejuvenate your senses with Ayurvedic body Message. Enjoy the irresistible charm of the Resort.

Naryana Resort 2*
Badrinath Road Rishikesh (with Private Swimming Pool)

About the Hotel
Hotel The Narayana Palace is located near to Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh on Badrinath road and is located approximately 270 kms. from New Delhi.   The resort is approximately 18 kms. from the Dehradun Airport, and 32 kms from the Haridwar railway station.

The Narayana Palace is a tranquil resort in Rishikesh, offering guests the perfect opportunity to enjoy peace and quietness of the mountains, while being accommodated in comfortable rooms, cottages and suites.
Narayana Palace Resort and Spa is the only resort in Tapovan, Rishikesh with an outdoor swimming pool.  It just takes a 5 minutes walk to reach the banks of holy river Ganges.